Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Radiant Ghosts Have Arrived

I am so happy. Yesterday, my Limited Edition 2009 Art and Ghosts book arrived. Art and Ghosts is a talented and lovely girl who creates stunning, ethereal digital paintings. The book I received is a limited edition of only 10. I am absolutely delighted with this book!


  1. so glad i located you!
    I was admiring the Barbie topped tree, then happened to spy this post! Thank you so much for sharing it, i am so glad to know that youre happy with the book.

    Also, both of you have incredible taste in music:)

  2. Thank you Louise! I'm honored that you even looked at my blog! Hee hee! I am very happy with the book and I plan on purchasing several prints after the holidays too. I really admire your work and you seem like such a lovely person :) I hope you have a happy holiday season in England!