Monday, September 13, 2010

First Love

So, after reading this inspirational post from Claire, which was inspired by this and this, I've decided to share a little story about my first love. I was an impressional 12, or maybe 13, year old girl when this heartthrob captured me. Yes, I'm talking about Beck. I remember watching the video for Loser for the very first time on MTV after school and thinking "This is cool, who's this guy?" Then, the end of the video, dreamboat Beck goes walking in slow motion across the beach in a wetsuit. My heart stood still. I knew at that very instant that this man was the love of my life. Never mind the fact that I've never met him and the love is only reciprocated in my dreams. Beck is and always will be my first love. So, who's your first love?


  1. Michelle said...
    Excellent first love toni:) He was an early love in my boyfriend's life as well (Jeremy), so I have only recently been exposed to the art and genius of Beck. I love his music and melodies, and especially his unique style and character. As for my first love....Christian Bale in the role of "Laurie" on Little Women left me in a state of tortured, preteen obsession for many moons... Over the years, I morphed his beautiful features, voice, and compelling movie roles into a distinct, familiar individual who adores me. He only visits me in REM... <3 <3 <3

  2. This is a tough I could go down the large list of celebs that I had been infatuated with from a wee age, but I shall opt for the real deal. Her name was Tiffany Navarro and she was in my 7th grade class so that puts me at around age 12/13. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was one of the first kids in my English class with Mrs. Mayfield and so there I am sitting and waiting for the bell to ring, and in walks Tiffany. She was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen. She sat directly across the room from me as the room was divided into two halves and we were both the front desk of our respective aisles. It was amazing. We became good buddies all throughout middle school and it came time of the year for the 8th grade boat dance and I was gonna finally ask her out (two years later, I know, I lagged), only I found out she was going with someone else. We never got a dance together or anything and then our school year was over. She went on to a different high school and she will forever be my first love as well as the one that got away as I never did tell her how I felt...Kinda sad, I know, but we all have a story like this. Glad I got to share :^]

  3. Mine were always fictional, like Angela Carter's character Finn Jowle from the magic toyshop book.
    And the weasley twins, which the actual movies went and ruined for me!

    My earliest was possibly any boy wearing a woolly hat, this particular issue has followed me into my thirties and i am still haveing a hard time trying to get my partner to comply;)

    Beck is adorable by the way. Not my personal thing, but cute regardless.