Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Y'all!

Wowza! This post is long overdue. I do believe it's been a good few weeks since my last posting. I know, I'm a lame blogger. Anywho, to help make it up to you, here's a special Halloween present. This is Lizzie, my latest art project. The assignment was to create a monster not based on any preexisting monsters, so of course I had to create a plant based monster!  She's drawn on green canson paper with marker underlayering, ink and colored pencil, cut out and placed in one of my favorite aged terra cotta pots with reindeer moss. Lizzie's DNA is mostly comprised of the carnivorous plant genus Sarracenia (commonly known as the pitcher plant) as well as a little piranha DNA and some unknown, unidentifiable genes which could be alien. Her botanical name and mini biography are provided on the ID tag.  Hope you like!

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  1. Hi Toni: Kelly here - your Armstrong collegue. It was fun meeting you today and finding out that we both love art and plants! Your art piece above is super-cool; I love it! So creative! Keep on making more art; you are truly brilliant! Delightfully, Kelly