Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So in Love

Happy February! I love February mainly because spring is right around the corner and of course, because of Valentines Day! I just love love and I love that there's a day devoted to love. I seriously fall in love on a daily basis. I fall so easily. I fall in love with coy smiles and beautiful minds, flouncy dresses and delicate flavors, all shades of blue and green, gentlemanly acts and shiny winged insects, sunlight on pale skin and the perfume of fresh lavender, cold blood oranges, cat-eye glasses and many more lovely love-worthy things. What things make you fall in love? I'd love to hear about it!

Right now, I'm head over heels for these:
I'm dreaming of spring picnics with Sofia wearing this "Dreaming of Blue" dress.
Sweet and bubbly imported drinks from Belvoir Fruit Farms. I'm totally obsessed! The Elderflower drink is my favorite but the little British Import shop I get them from is out right now.
Color samples from my watercolor class this semester. 
These heavenly vegan friendly lemon cookies!
The sweet tiny blossoms on my African Violet make me swoon.

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